I believe this is something, Taichi and Bagua master: Tze Yau Pang, said once. Placing these little time-bombs in your mind is something a good master often does.. Once you’re ready to understand it hits you.

I often see students struggling with their form. All together that is not so strange, especially in the beginning, because traditional kungfu has a lot of rules and regulations. These are to ensure that you can keep growing in your practice, because you’ll start with a good foundation. Now the problem is that a lot of students, especially in internal kungfu systems/styles, do not get past this basic level. They focus so much on the internal structure that they don’t express themselves anymore.

You’ll know the feeling that your watching somebody perform but it looks dull, boring and not alive, though (and not even all the time) they have correct form/structure.

This is where master Pang is right. Do not just do the form, you are the form, you are the experience. If you can perform like that, people’ll get a complete different feeling when they themselves experience you (works well in other parts of life as you can imagine). Now of course it is not important what people think of your performance because there are deeper issues at play here. Psychological, mechanical, emotional,… (Maybe good for a future blog)

The thing is once you become an experiencer rather than a forms player, you’re Kungfu will open up to you. You will move as a unit, “Jing, Qi, Shen” as one (also for future blog)

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