How, Tang Ni Bu 趟泥步 or muddy water stepping is a cornerstone for great health.

Tang Ni Bu 趟泥步: muddy water stepping.

In our Bagua-way we focus on walking the circle slowly as opposed to a lot of Bagua styles you see on you tube and the internet. Neither is better, though the aim and benefit of it are different. Everybody is talking about rooting and they’re right to do so. But before a tree can grow strong and have good roots into the ground, there needs to be a seed. Just having a seed is not good enough. Throw a seed on the road and I guarantee you won’t have a tree there next year. You need to create a good environment for something to grow. That environment is slow Tang Ni Bu 趟泥步walking.

I’ll try to explain to the best of my knowledge how something simple as Tang Ni Bu 趟泥步can pave the way for future success in Kungfu and great health.

“allow yourself to make mistakes.”

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