3 thoughts on “How, Tang Ni Bu 趟泥步 or muddy water stepping is a cornerstone for great health.

    • Ruud Vercammen Post author


      Thank you for reading my blog. Yours is interesting too.
      My background is Chinese Medicine and I think you will find some very interesting idea’s and concepts concerning Heart health on a broad scale: Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.
      As the Chinese say:
      All emotions affect the heart:

      * fei bo xiong wrote:

      The seven emotions injure the 5 yin organs selectively, but they all affect the heart.
      Joy injures the heart…
      Anger injures the liver, the liver cannot recognize anger but the heart can…
      Worry injures the lungs, the lungs cannot recognize worry but the heart can…
      Pensiveness inures the spleen, the spleen cannot recognize pensiveness but the heart can…
      Fear injures the kidneys, the kidneys cannot recognize fear but the heart can…

      Hence the heart is affected by them all.

      I’m currently writing a thesis on the interaction of “The Three Treasures” or San Bao; which is the interaction of Spirit (governed by the heart), Qi, and Essence.
      Once finished I’ll try to post pieces in the blog.

      Thanks again!


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